Veterans Handicap

The experienced Mike Wright (-11) faced off with newcomer Richard Miles (+11) in the first of their two handicap encounters this Winter.

Mike had the bit between his teeth early on, having seen what a large deficit can do if you don’t get on top of it straight away.  The mountain was climbed early on - Richard not able to get away with his attempted winners from the back of the court, managed only 2 of the four points he needed was overhauled at 13-12 after only two hand-outs for Mike. 15/13.

The same in the second, only two points early on for Richard, Mike’s trickle-boasts being a bridge too far for Richard if his volley nicks were not on target.  15/13.

Did Mike take his foot off the pedal in the third, or did Richard move forward? Either way, by the time Mike had wiped  off his -11 to get to Zero, Richard had taken three rallies and led 14-1 with 14 game balls.  A supreme effort of concentration followed, Mike taking all 14 game balls and the first of his own 15/14 Match to Mike. 

The meet again a week later on Saturday 11th.  Open handicap this time.  Any bets on the result?