Open Handicap

 Form is temporary - class is permanent.  At least for this week anyway.

In a repeat of last week’s Veteran’s Handicap, Mike Wright (still -11) took on Richard Miles (+11).  Would Mike be as ruthlessly efficient and merciless this time around?  Probably.

Would Richard have learnt any lessons from their previous encounter? Not if Mike had anything to do with it.  He was off out of the blocks like a ferret up both trouser legs.  12 rallies later, negative points wiped out, before Richard had won one.  14 more rallies and first game to Mike 15/12.

Then a blip, a couple of bloops, and three points for Richard out of the next six.  Don’t take your eye off the ball, Mike.  Richard now stood at 14, -9 with 24 game balls!  Mike won 10 of them but eventually had to fail and 15/1 to Richard looked as though the wheels had come off in a big way.

Sadly for the crowd, normal service resumed quickly.  Mike reverted to his runs of successive points, only allowing Richard the occasional glimmer of hope.  A couple of services out and a tin or two were not enough, as Mike took the third 15/13, and a tantalising fourth 15/14 - allowing Richard only three game balls just to tease.

So, Richard will have to wait another year to get himself on the Winter Honours Board.  And Mike adds to his litany of trophies and Honours.

Open Handicap final.jpg