Standard Membership

In 2019 you can join Knole Park Squash Club for just £140 a year! If you join after the start of the year this is reduced proportionally.

Junior & Student Membership

Anyone under 23 in full time education can join the club for FREE

When you join you will be a Squash Member of Knole Park Golf Club with access to all their facilities (other than the Golf course) including changing facilities (with the loan of a free towel!) and the bar and restaurant. Court fees are just £6 for 45 minutes for members (or £12 if you bring a guest).


Sign up below or come down to a club night on either the first or third Wednesday of the month and try out the courts. If you feel ready for team squash straight away email to arrange a trial. We look forward to seeing you at the club soon!

Data Information

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